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Dear Concerning Parents:
My name is Sharon  Chuang. I was the head of Ophthalmology at the Changhua Christian Hospital and Chung-shan Medical University in Taichung. I am currently in service at the Taidung Christian Hospital.

As a physician with numerous years of experience with correction of Amblyopia, I am here recommending an app for iPad by Ideabus, the Amblyopia Training Aids『 Captain Lazy Eye』. It can assist children by making the various eye training exercises, which can be monotonous and dull, into interesting and lively games that can be welcomed by children and allow them to receive training while feeling at play, increasing the effectiveness of these exercises.

Statistics show that in any given urban area, about 1.6% to 4% of its population suffers from Amblyopia.In areas with poorer medical care, this rate is increased.Amblyopia correction doesn’t come overnight. More often than not, parents are committed in a long-term struggl. In the hospital, I have often seen children being subjected by reluctant parents to repeat a single vision-stimulation exercise numerous times. Often, children are understandably disinclined to undergo such monotonous training for a long period of time.Seeing them whimper, dragging their little fingers to the repetitive exercises… Although it breaks the heart to see this, it is nonetheless a necessary process. I have often wondered if there is a way to make uninteresting training processes like this more interesting,making kids want to actively participate in the exercises,to a point where they’re willing to cooperate in eye patching which is something they would protest, making the entire process training happily acceptable to them. A few months ago, Ideabus contacted me due to my expertise. The head of Ideabus has a daughter who was also amblyopic, and has now completely healed. It turns out that they have had this idea for a while, and have turned it into a real product. The app incorporates themes that children are interested in into the various vision training and eye exercises. This greatly increases the kid’s willingness to participate.This is really important! Whether vision training is being conducted in a physician’s office or at home, The willingness of the children to actively participate will often increase the effectiveness of the training and even shorten the training time.

This software is able to record the children’s progress, save you time and resource going back and forth between the hospital, and shorten the overall time frame of the treatments. In collaboration with regular doctor’s appointments, I believe this software can help your precious child benefit from Amblyopia treatment sooner than without it. I am Dr. Sharon Chuang        And I am happy to recommend this software to you.                    I hope that this ATA would be of great benefit to your child.           

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